Whole Roaster Chicken

$4.50 / per pound

Order chicken while in stock, or place a pre-order to reserver yours now.

Broiler batches of 25 are available monthly starting in May.

Typical weights range from 3.5 to 5 pounds with a typical bird averaging around 4.5 pounds.  Custom cuts are available for $1.00 more per pound (i.e. – quartered bird).

When ordering, please put comments in order as to the size of chicken you’d like to have.  We will try to get as close to your size requested as possible.

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Product Weights

All weights are approximate.  Your order will not process any charges until a “true” weight is calculated, and an adjustment made to your invoice.  The invoice will not be processed until the updates are communicated to you, and you provide your approval to proceed.

About our Poultry

We raise all of our poultry here on our farm in the Catawba Valley.  We do not contain our birds in the high tunnel confinement huts that larger operations use, but instead use a double layer of Premier 1 electric poulty netting, and an outdoor tent to house the birds, and move them about on pasture.  While a “free-range” option is attractive, we have found that local predators benefit more from this model, so we opt for the more humane option to move our birds around on pasture in these protective pods.

Our birds get freshly milled GMO free feed from our local mill – Little Red Hen.  They are moved about on grass, so there is plenty of natural plant material and protein from the bugs that the chickens find scratching about.  Following the cows about the field adds even more opportunities for them to feast from the natural larvae found in the paddies the cows leave behind.  A natural cycle of life, this process helps to ensure a balance in nature to promote overall health of the chickens, and the environment.

We are a small operation, so we operate under an exemption by the state allowing us to slaughter the birds on site.  Clean air and sunshine helps to make a healthy, sanitary environment ensuring a quality, natural product for you.