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Our turkeys are raised on pasture at our farm in Catawba.  They are fed local grains from a farmer in Franklin County.  We raise Bronze Breasted and White Breasted turkeys.  We will select a turkey that comes closest to your weight desired.  When our stock is low, and we have to select a turkey larger than your order specifies, we will reach out to you to confirm the order before invoicing.

We do require a small deposit to hold your order.  When we confirm we can fulfill your order, we will invoice you for the remainder based on the weight of the turkey.

For example, if you order a turkey, we ask for a 40% deposit.  When we harvest the turkey, we will pick one closest to your desired weight perhaps a 10 lb turkey is selected.  Given your deposit of $40.00, we will invoice you for the actual weight of the turkey. So for an 10 lb turkey, we would invoice you an additional $20.00 + tax.

Quantities are very limited, so we will fill the orders as they are received.  If we are unable to fulfill an order due to lack of inventory, we will refund your deposit and notify you as soon as we know.

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