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We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy whole, half, or quarter hogs.  We raise our hogs on pasture, seasonally; sometimes it is too cold, so we will provide our hogs shelter in the barn.  We feed them grains from a local farmer in Franklin County.  Our hogs are not the pink pig that the industry raises.  We emphasis heritage hogs, raising hereford hogs primarily.  We do also raise red wattle/mulefoot mixed bred hogs on occasion.

Hogs sold on the hoof are sold hanging weight.  Typical hogs are market ready around 250 lb.  After slaughter and processing, you can expect to receive about 50% of the live weight in finished product.  What you get in your cuts will depend on what is selected.  To help you understand your options, please make use of our cut list.

Willow Pond Cut List

$300 Deposit Due at time of order. Total cost is $6.25 per pound based on hog hanging weight. Typical whole hog hanging weight, after slaughter, will be 180-220 lbs, yielding 120-160 lbs. of take home meat depending on the size of the hog.

A typical WHOLE HOG order will include 28 – 36 pounds of ham cuts, 16 – 20 pounds of bacon, 36 – 44 pounds of loin cuts (chops or roasts), 16 – 24 pounds of shoulder cuts (steaks or roasts), 8 – 10 pounds of hocks and organ meats, and 6 – 10 pounds of ground pork, sausage, or brats.  You will be able to specify how your hog is cut and how large to cut the roasts, chops, and ham or shoulder steaks.  If you are a sausage lover, you can put your ham cuts into sausage too.  “Bacon” is sliced fresh belly, but we can show you how to brine your bacons for the same wonderful flavor without the harsh chemicals used in the factory.

Customer is responsible for submitting cutting instructions to us before taking to the butcher.  We will pay your processing fees (~$500), and pick up your order.  You can pickup at processor yourself for no additional charge, or we can pickup from processor and bring back to farm for storage and pickup at farm for additional fee of $65.

Prices assume a full 220 lb hanging weight.  Actual weight differences will be calculated after slaughter, refunding shortages and adding additional charges for overage.  Typical yield on a 250 lb live weight hog will be 220 lbs hanging weight, and 140 lbs finished product.

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